About Us

Our Story

Once there was an old Chinese restaurant and beloved neighborhood karaoke bar called Yen Wor Garden. The regulars loved their cozy hideaway and sung their hearts out nightly, but the restaurant struggled and went up for sale in 2013.

Meanwhile, Seattle was in the midst of an incredible growth spurt. Condos, small plates, and Crossfit were sprouting up on every corner, and old haunts were falling one by one. Sunset Bowl became luxury apartments and “mixed use retail.” Charlie’s made way for another ‘The Lodge Sports Grille.’ The Hurricane was euthanized at the feet of a new Amazon Tower.

Was it the end of Seattle as we know it? Seattle, where no one dresses up on a Friday night? Where you never need a reservation? Where “going to a show” means your friend’s band is playing at The Sunset? Where we hide from the rain in a dark bar, with deep booths, low ceilings and old carpet?

Not if we can help it.

The North Star Diner wants to be there for you, Seattle. We want to be there for you. We see you. We are you.

Let’s be together. Come eat a chickenfried steak after that show. Or bring grandma in for a breakfast she can recognize. Have a burger and milkshake, you deserve it. Eat these pancakes we made you – on a huge plate to catch all the syrup – a plate we reused from the old Chinese place ’cause it was perfectly fine.  Come drink beer and whisky and sing your heart out in the Shanghai Room – in a deep booth, under a low ceiling, in a very dark bar, and when you fall down, our carpet will be there to catch you.

We love you, Seattle. Never change.